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"Services" : localjobsfinder.org All kinds of software applications, physical advertising materials produced by

"LEGAL BASIS" : It is in the form of a job search engine or a classified advertisement, which is in the form of a job search engine or a classified advertisement; Websites that allow free access to contact information about vacant jobs without any registration process are not required to obtain a permit from the Authority.

Basic Terms

Your use of our services means that you and localjobsfinder.org means that you accept the terms in this document and you will be bound by these terms (including the final version of these terms, which may be changed over time) throughout your use of our services.

Our services are within the framework of LEGAL BASIS;
- There is no membership system,
- No registration or application is received from job seekers,
- There is no "APPLY" button in job postings.

Our services will improve day by day with new additional applications. Additional terms may apply for each new additional application. Additional terms will be notified to you with the new additional application and if you accept these additional terms and use the new application, they become a part of this agreement we made with you.

You are responsible for your use of our services and the content you provide to our services. The content you provide, other localjobsfinder.org It can be accessed by users, websites and search engines. Therefore, you do not want to be known or inaccurate content.localjobsfinder.orgDo not send to .

Our services, localjobsfinder.orgIt displays content that does not belong to.localjobsfinder.org does not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of these contents, the responsibility of these contents belongs to the real and legal persons who make the relevant content available. Whether or not you trust these contents is entirely your responsibility.

localjobsfinder.orgSome of their services will be supported by advertising. Therefore, you consent to the display of advertisements in the content on our Services.

localjobsfinder.orgWe may stop serving you if you do not comply with the terms of service, act against the law, or in case of any negative situation that we cannot foresee at the moment.


The information we collect and the content you provide in the process of using our services localjobsfinder.org Subject to Confidentiality Agreement. Using our services localjobsfinder.org You accept the Confidentiality Agreement.

Changes in Our Services

We are constantly improving our services. We may add additional functionality to the services you use, as well as modify existing functions or remove them entirely.


During your use of our services, we may send you announcements or informational messages.

Changes to Our Terms of Service

Our terms of service localjobsfinder.orgIt may change with the development of . The final version of these conditions, localjobsfinder.org/tospage(this page). Changes in these terms; Although we do not guarantee, you, the associated e-mail address orlocaljobsfinder.orgWe can forward it to your inbox. In any case, your use of the services is hereby localjobsfinder.org Terms of Service and localjobsfinder.org It will mean that you accept the latest version of the Confidentiality Agreement. That's why we recommend that you check the updated version of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy from time to time.

Our site is a job search engine that publishes serial job postings and does not receive any registrations or applications from job seekers.

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